28 January 2009

More Design Pro LED Lighting from Kichler

Since I wrote about Kichler's Design Pro LED under cabinet lighting yesterday, I need to mention it one more time before I move onto another topic. The lighting I was talking about yesterday is LED in the form of a box and that's all well and good. I'll take under cabinet lighting in its box form any day over what I usually see. What I usually see is the Home Depot halogen puck light.

Puck lights don't work well as under cabinet lighting because the super bright halogen light isn't diffused enough and you end up with a series of spotlights illuminating your counter. It looks sloppy and still leaves too many shadows in the area where you prepare food. Add to that the amount of heat kicked off by halogen bulbs and I have to wonder why bother?

Well, Kichler re-imagined the puck light and came up with something they're calling a disc light. The light produced by the discs has the same warm quality as the light emitted from the rest of the Design Pro LEDs and are a great solution for a space where box lights won't work.

The Design Pro LED Discs are 3/8" of an inch thick if you can believe that, and each disc comes with embedded installation screws and connection wiring already coiled inside. Features like these are an electrician's dream come true and they take the guesswork out of a retrofit. Kichler's Design Pro LED under cabinet lighting sounds like a winner to me. I'm using them in my next job, that's for sure.

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