03 January 2009

Hard Times centerpiece

So in the spirit of the current economic mess and in anticipation of the worse mess to come, I put together a centerpiece last week on the cheap. So much so that I'm including it in my growing library of cheap fixes. Check this out:

I took a plate I already had and set it in the middle of my dining table. Then I filled three jars with sand. I'm forever soaking the labels off of jars and never using them for anything. Well, now I found a use for three of them. So the jars were already in my cabinet and the sand is what passes for soil in my part of the world. I sank a taper candle in each jar. I bought 8-inch ivory taper candles in a package of four from a dollar store. So at a quarter apiece, I'm up to 75 cents out of pocket for this thing so far. Then I pulled some mistletoe out of an oak tree in the alley and just broke off the sprigs and piled them onto the plate. Ta-daaa! Instant centerpiece and I collected compliments for the entire time it sat on the table. 

75 cents?! Martha Who?


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