27 January 2009

Here's another Sherwin-Williams color palette for 2009

Third in Sherwin-Williams' 2009 is something they're calling Local Momentum. The colors in Local Momentum are intended to invoke a renewed appreciation for a scaled-down way of life dependant on things found close to home. I'm not so sure about that, but this palette really sings to me. I'd find a replacement for Mesa Tan if it were up to me, but the remaining five colors more and make up for Mesa Tan's shortcomings. So all of the colors in Local Momentum are:

Wool Skein

Black Fox

Lemon Verbena



Mesa Tan

Notice that in the photo at the top of the page, it's not just wall colors they're talking about. All this talk of color palettes is always about color in general, not just paint colors. Tune in tomorrow for the last palette in this series that I'm calling "Sherwin-Williams Gone Wild."


  1. On their own: "eh",
    Together: "not so bad".

  2. I like all of them except for that Mesa Tan. It's a popular color for some reason that escapes me completely.


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