10 January 2009

Christopher Peacock follow up

Wa-a-a-a-y back in April, I wrote an entry about the amazing world of Christopher Peacock. I ran a couple of photos of his now-famous Refectory Kitchen. Here they are again.

That article gets a lot of Google traffic and I get asked about that Refectory a lot. I received a note from a reader the other day and she asked me about the pendants that are hanging over the island. I'd always assumed that since they were hanging in a Peacock publicity shot, that those lights would have to be originals. Well, I was mistaken.

The pendants in question are from Vaughan Lighting, a label only available to the trade.

It took a bit of sleuthing, but I found the answer to the source of those pendants on a blog called Willow Decor. Willow Decor is written by a woman named Gina Milne and I owe her a debt of thanks for solving this mystery.


  1. Paul,
    You are so sweet to mention Willow Decor! Your readers may also be interested in another post on CP that I did in the summer which highlighted the overall components of his Kitchens. Best of luck to you and love your blog!
    Willow Decor

  2. Thanks and you're welcome Gina. Feel free to come back and list your link to the article you mentioned. Mr. Peacock's pretty popular around here.

  3. Paul,
    Just head to www.willowdecor.blogspot.com
    On the side there are label topics. Click on Christopher Peacock and my posts will come up! I hope you enjoy!

  4. Thanks again Willow and welcome to my blogroll!


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