22 January 2009

Hey! Somebody painted one of my photographs!

On Sunday, I posted a couple of photos of my 2008 visit to Ravello, in the Campagnia region of southern Italy. Well, the lovely and talented Fifi over at Fifi Flowers Design Decor was so inspired by one of them, she painted it.

Here's my original photograph.

And here's how it looks through the eyes of Fifi the Magnificent. 

I'm touched, no one's ever painted one of my photos before.

Anyhow, Fifi has a great blog too, and she's in my permanent blogroll. She has a delightful take on life and she's a talented artist and designer as well. I appreciate her efforts on my behalf tremendously and I think it would be great thing to pay her a visit over at Fifi Flowers Design Decor.

Fifi paints wonderful, whimsical still lifes and she sells prints of them (as well as notecards and bookmarks) on her store on Etsy. Please, give her a peruse!


  1. Wow! Great photo and lovely painting! I LOVE Fifi's work! Congratulations!

  2. its an awesome photo and great painting too.. Congradulations


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