20 January 2009

Oggetti Luce busts my buttons

Someone asked me over the weekend for a lighting recommendation, she wanted an opinion about how to light an island. My knee-jerk reaction is to suspend mini-pendants from the ceiling over the island. I do it so often that I forget that there are other options. Well, even though there are other options, I'd rather not think about them.

Three years ago, I found myself a lighting trade show and it was there that I first stumbled into the offerings of Oggetti Luce. Oggetti sets the standard in Italian lighting design so far as I'm concerned and of all their collections, the Amore gets me the most worked up.

The first example of Oggetti Luce I saw at that trade show was their Onion pendant in green. Here it is.

Ahhh, even after all this time I can't be anything but captivated by it. The Amore collection comes in five colors and ten configurations. The entire collection is mouth blown Venetian glass and each piece is signed by the designer Eros Raffael. Signor Raffael is a master glass artist of great renown and each of these pieces is priced accordingly. I'd kill for a couple of them at home, but for now, I'll have to settle for the two we have in the showroom. Here's what the signature on an original pendant light looks like.

This Amore collection can be viewed as pretty modern, but when you consider that it's a classic material used in a modern way, these lights can go in any style room. We have them in an uber traditional room setting in our showroom and they look terrific. 

See? Like I said, they look terrific.

Of the five colors available in the Amore collection, I think the Amber and the Green look best. Here's a breakdown of the Amore's lighting styles.

The Onion Pendant

The Fiori Pendant

The Onion Sconce

The Fiori Sconce

The Fiori Torch

Thank you for filling the world with amore Signor Raffael.


  1. In a word: GORGEOUS!
    Thank you.

  2. Photography fails to capture the depth of their colors. Find one and see it live some time, you'll never be the same.


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