10 January 2009

Go see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I just saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night and man oh man what a movie. It's a love letter from Brad Pitt to the great city of New Orleans for starters, and it tells a tale that had me enraptured for its full three hour duration. It's a love story, a human story, an interesting story and a fantastical parable all at once. It manages to be both poignant and touching without reverting to easy emotion or sentimentality. The film delves into the nature of life and of happiness and details the necessary trade offs and compromises all human beings make in the pursuit of their dreams. Where Benjamin Button diverges from the pack is in its insistence that although the pursuit of happiness and adventure entail sacrifices and trade offs, these compromises aren't something to be mourned. Rather, these compromises are to be celebrated because they are the adventure. All hail Brad Pitt and may he win every award out there for this brilliant movie. Bravo!

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