27 January 2009

Design Pro LED under cabinet lighting from Kichler

I've always had mixed feelings about under-cabinet LED lighting. I love the fact that it's incredibly energy efficient and produces almost no heat. I love how small and bright they are and I'm fascinated by the very nature of LEDs. I mean, things that work without moving parts excite some part of my brain that I've never been able to explain.

However, when it comes time to living with them at home or specifying them for a client I have always balked. Sure, they last forever and they're super-efficient, but the light they produce is the bluest white light I've ever seen. It's worse than what comes out of a fluorescent tube. Man, nothing looks good under light so harsh.

But our great pals at Kichler have come up with something that may make me an LED convert after all. LED technology is evolving quickly and Kichler has harnessed that evolution in the form of their Design Pro LED Under cabinet lights.

This is what typical LED under cabinet lighting does to food. Ugh. I looks like the hideous food photography in a 1970s cookbook.

See what I mean?

Well, Kichler's changing all of that with their new Design Pro Line of under cabinet lighting. Check out the effect of their softer light:

Very nice and no more Betty Crocker flashbacks!

Add to the pleasing light how easily these lights can be installed and how long they last and I think they have a winner. Under cabinet lighting is all but mandatory in a new kitchen and retrofitting an older kitchen with it is a money-saving way to squeeze out a couple more years. I can't imagine making dinner in a room without it and with the advent of these warmer LEDs, it may be time for me to swap out my halogens. Track them down, you won't regret it.

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  1. Hello,
    Any chance you've come across the MaxLite LED light bars?


    They have a 2700 K version, which is supposed to be on the warm side of the color temperature range, and they're fully dimmable! The Kichler doesn't provide the color temperature so it's hard to compare.



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