28 January 2009

Sherwin-Williams Gone Wild

So the fourth and final 2009 palette from Sherwin-Williams is something they're calling Techno Color and I have to say it's one of the more daring palettes I've ever seen them do.  For a company around whose neutrals I've built a career, there is nothing neutral about this palette. I mean, look at the inspiration photo. Techno Color is bold and bright and somehow environmentally friendly. I predict that the colors in this palette will show up all over the place and I think they'll stay around the longest out of the four palettes I've reviewed in the last couple of days. Anybody want to venture an opinion?

Gauntlet Gray

Hep Green

Zany Pink

Ruby Shade

Reflecting Pool



  1. I think you are correct in your assumption that the techno palette will be successful. The brighter colors are refreshing while the more subtle colors could be used to tone things down a bit. While I am not a techno palette kind of gal, I could see myself using gauntlet gray, reflecting pool and zircon, then punching it up with hep green. I just completed the Brimfield show and young New Yorkers are all over these colors!

    Jackie Lantry
    Bliss Farm Antiques

  2. Hey Jackie, thanks for your comment. It's an interesting palette, that's for sure. That was SW early-year prediction of what would be hot colors in 2009 and now that it's September already, I can see that they weren't too far off.


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