23 January 2009

Got a plan? Need a plan?

I've been thinking of ways to increase the size and scope of my business (the brick and mortar kind) lately, and at the same time I've been reflecting on the growing presence of Kitchen and Residential Design on the Internet. So it's occurred to me that I ought to find a way to combine them.

I've done a fair number of jobs remotely --that is, kitchen and residential projects that took place in places as far ranging as Rural Arkansas to lovely Lancaster, PA. I did everything I'd normally do for a client (draw plans, talk to contractors, specify appliances and finishes, be an advisor/ shoulder to cry on) and they've worked out pretty well. So why not pursue more assignments like that? Well why indeed. So I'm going to throw this out there.

If you have  a set of plans and you'd like your home to have a Paul Anater kitchen, just contact me. It can be something as simple as my drawing you a floor plan with a set of elevations; or we can kick it up a notch and I can provide plans and all of the supplies you'd need to complete a kitchen as either a renovation or as part of a new home. My long distance clients get the same devoted attention I give my local ones, so give it some thought. This could be the start of something great.


  1. hi friend,
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  2. Paul,
    Sounds like a great idea. I think you would be a wonderful person to work with in planning. Your attention to detail and quick response to inquiries would be a definite plus. I have appreciated the bits of wisdom you have shared with me and would gladly recommend you to someone who needed help. I am closing in on my project but visit your blog regularly to reference topics that have been the issue "du jour." Good luck on this new idea. I think it is a good one.


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