11 September 2008

What gives with the "Pickens Plan?"

I saw this video as an ad on TV Sunday night and it's an intriguing idea. Intriguing yes, but I'm not quite sure I trust this "Pickens Plan" or its backers. I believe that the US has to replace gasoline with every fiber of my being. Eight years of an administration that's allowed this country to be run by the interests of the gasoline producers of the world have made that abundantly clear. At the same time, I get it that a replacement for gasoline isn't going to come unless someone can make money off of the transition to and final replacement with whatever comes next. But who is T. Boone Pickens and what are his interests in all of this? His role as a shadowy figure in the Swiftboating of John Kerry give me pause to say the least. Is CNG the stepping stone to hydrogen he's claiming it to be? Or is CNG another dead end? Comb through their website and give it a think through. I'm genuinely on the fence. Think about it and leave a comment.

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