16 September 2008

A bathroom to covet

I've been on a marble kick lately. I've landed two new jobs that involve my beloved Calacatta Gold. Honed please, it has to be honed. Calacatta is often mislabeled as Calcutta and it bothers me when I see that. Calacatta is a small town north of Rome and Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal, India. Learn your geography people. And learn your geology for that matter. The marble in question is Calacatta Gold, not Calcutta Gold. Anyhow, I found this shot of a vanity on Apartment Therapy last week and I think it's just handsome. One of the best uses of marble I've seen in a bathroom. Ever. It's a photo by the brilliant Ngoc Min Ngo from New York. Some sweet day, I'll be brushing my teeth in a set up like this. But in the meantime, every client on my current roster is in for another round of "Have you ever thought about using marble here? Let me show you something..."


  1. Your clients are so lucky. Every time I mention wanting honed marble in my kitchen to a KD in my area, their eyes bulge out in panic. Then follows the lecture: "not recommended for kitchens, too soft, will stain, will etch, etc. etc."

  2. Thanks. I have this conversation a couple of times a week. Really. I will never understand some peoples' obsession with things that look pristine. I love love love the fact that marble reflects the lives of the people who live with it. Go into any public space in Italy and you'll see what I mean.

    Thanks for your comment --sometimes I feel like I'm a voice in the wilderness and I'm glad to hear that there are other marble fans out there.


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