13 September 2008

Great source for outdoor showers

If the reports I get from Site Meter are as accurate as I think they are, there's a lot of interest out there in outdoor showers.  "Outdoor Shower" was my number one search term this week.Woo-hoo!  Thank you Google!

So I have been thinking about outdoor showers again and I stumbled upon an Arizona-based website the other day called Calazzo, and these people have to make the sharpest outdoor showers I've ever seen. With the emphasis on make. I spoke with Ser at Calazzo earlier in the week and I learned that they manufacture everything that's on their site. In addition to outdoor showers, they make some really great teak and steel furniture and they have some gorgeous fire pits. Check out their site, really.

Their offerings are well-made from teak and stainless steel and are available in a large number of configurations. You can buy one with a single supply line (a hose) for summertime use in a temperate climate, or you can buy a dual-supply version to use more permanently in warmer climes. So they're gorgeous, flexible and really reasonably priced. So what's not to love?

This is the Pila free-standing with a dual (that's hot and cold) water supply. The Pila free-standing comes with a single teak base, the extra teak tiles shown in the photo are available for purchase separately.

Here's the same Pila, and you can see the single teak base that comes with the shower.

This is the Pila with an optional footwash. I love the foot wash showers that we have at the beaches here. They make driving home after a sunset walk on the beach a less-messy experience, and it would be great to be able to do something similar at home.

Here's a close-up of the Pila shower head. This is a similar style as some more extravagantly-priced Italian and German shower heads I can think of.

Here's a close up of their teak handles. Using teak and stainless in an outdoor shower makes a lot of sense and for that reason alone, you owe it to yourself to check out Calazzo's site if you're considering an outdoor shower for yourself.

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