12 September 2008

Immer besser

That's German for "Forever better." Boy, I'll say.

At KBIS in Chicago last April, the German appliance manufacturer Miele offered those of us in the trade a sneak peak at their new line of dishwashers. They are pretty cool and they will begin appearing on the consumer market between now and Christmas.

Most notable is the G2002 La Perla series of dishwashers. Through this series of appliances, Miele has raised the bar quite a bit when it comes to efficiency. The La Perla senses the the temperature in the room and adjusts the temperatures inside the appliance in response to the ambient temperature. That may seem like overkill, but get this, when La Perla is going through its drying cycle, it opens its own door automaticall
y and it uses the air in the room to finish drying the dishes rather than running its heaters to do the job. Pretty slick. The La Perla also uses less water and less electricity than other Miele models and if that weren't enough, La Perla is also quieter.

I have no idea what the retail price tag on these things will be but they won't come cheap. But all is not lost though. Every time Miele raises the bar like this, every other dishwasher manufacturer out there clamors to catch up. Look for similar innovations in less expensive models and brands in the coming months.

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