26 September 2008

Thank you

On Tuesday at 1:20am eastern time, somebody in Phoenix, AZ entered the search terms "plywood vs. particle board" on Google and ended up being directed to this blog and an entry I wrote back in January on the same topic. 

What that person couldn't have known was that he or she was my 5,000th visitor. So thank you Phoenix. 

And thank you Greenville, SC and Findlay, OH and St. Petersburg, FL and Fair Oaks, CA and Lancaster, PA and Fargo, North Dakota and Seattle, WA and Hudson, NH and New York, London, Moscow, San Francisco, Toronto and Paris. Thank you too to Bridgetown, Barbados and Warsaw, Poland and Athens, Greece and Florence (Firenze!), Italy and Panang, Palau and Sydney, New South Wales and Bangalore, and Pusan, and Tokyo and Beijing. I seem to be violating some kind of unspoken rule in the blogosphere by acknowledging the people who read my meanderings but screw the rules. So thank you again. It is the coolest thing in the world to have a world full of people who find this site --it's humbling and energizing at the same time. Thank you.


  1. That's 'cause Tampa hurt my feelings once a long time ago and I can't let it go.


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