15 September 2008

Dwell + Google SketchUp: the follow up

On the 26th of July, I wrote a post about a contest Dwell magazine and Google's SketchUp were running where they invited anybody who uses SketchUp to design a dream home. There were some restrictions placed on entries, the most notable being where the dream home had to be sited.
Ever the clever ones, the contest's sponsors provided only a set of coordinates and a link to Google Earth and left it up to the contestants to find the lot themselves. I thought it was clever at any rate.
It turned out that the lot was within sight of the Golden Gate Bridge. The winning entry (shown above) was submitted by Drew Wilgus, an intern at an architectural firm in North Carolina. 
There's a slideshow and description of Wilgus' entry on Dwell's website. It's a gorgeous, well thought out entry. Congratulations Drew.

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