23 September 2008

Mobile means more than a place to gamble in Alabama

I can trace my love of the mobile as an art form to a wintry day in the late '70s when I walked into the brand spankin' new East Wing of the National Gallery and looked up to see Alexander Calder's massive Untitled. That's it right here. Look at it! Just seeing a photo of it gets me all hot and bothered again and I haven't been back to the National in at least ten years. Anyhow, as a kid I had never seen anything like it. The idea that a sculpture could move and swallow a space had never occurred to me. An art lover was born that day and since then I've been chasing the same thrill I felt that wintry day when I was 14.

Enter Oras, a sculptor of mobiles on a scale a little more suited to a home. These things are beautiful and they take me right back there. Check them out! Reasonably priced, great art --why not?


  1. I don't believe there are any casinos in Mobile. Maybe you are thinking of Mississippi.

    Oras is nice.

  2. You got me. Serves me right for writing headlines in the middle of the night. Please extend my apologies to the great state of Alabama. How about "Mobile means more than a place to go to a Mardi Gras parade in Alabama?"


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