08 September 2008

Fresh photography for hip homes

My title today is how photographer Jennifer Squires describes her work and I can't think of a better description for love or money. I'm mad for this woman's eye. The idea of elevating the art inherent in everything around me is a thrilling one and I love to see it expressed. Squires succeeds in capturing the beauty of every day objects in a way that seems both studied and casual at the same time. That's a tough act for a photographer to pull off, but she does it with grace and aplomb. Many times, it's easy to fall into the habit of ignoring my surroundings. It takes work like Jennifer's to snap me out of it and I appreciate her efforts tremendously.

Follow this link to Jennifer's website, and then follow this one to her shop on Etsy. If you have a patch of barren wall or a spot that needs some livening up, think about adding one or a few of her photos. 

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