29 September 2008

Hmmmm. A sink in a drawer

I live in a shoe box. Charming though it is, I live in a small space. That's not really a complaint --I like the idea and the day-to-day challenges that come from a lack of room. That said, I'm always looking for clever and well-designed ideas that save space.

I came across this sink in a drawer idea on Apartment Therapy last week and it has been bouncing around the internet for the last couple of weeks. Now it's my turn.

When I first saw this I thought it was the coolest thing I'd seen in a while. In order for something like this to work, you'd need a flexible drain line. Your local building code may have something to say about flexible drain lines, so check before attempting something like this.

Again, I think this is a pretty neat idea but what's missing from this image is what's in the adjoining room? If the kitchen sink backs into a closet, it's no real problem, though you'd end up with a shallower closet. In my case, the bathroom wall where my pluming is backs against my kitchen cabinets, so something like this wouldn't work for me. Ditto anybody who has their sink attached to an exterior wall. Magazine photos can be a good source for ideas, but it always helps to think things through before getting too attached.

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