14 September 2008

Sherwin-Williams' color predictions for '09: reds and oranges

Sherwin-Williams trade publication Stir arrived in yesterday's mail and in it are SW's color predictions for next year. I used to think these things were a load of bull, but it's interesting to see their predictions trickle down and out. I still question whether or not these are predictions though. It seems to me that they're prescriptions --what ends up in these annual predictions are what tastemakers turn to as a guideline to use in order to stay at the cutting edge. Well, whatever they are, it's interesting to me and even if the colors themselves aren't a reflection of our society, the thinking behind these selections sure is.

According to SW, reds are going to start skewing back toward orange in an homage to the growing influence of Latin America on world affairs. Pinks are going to move away from the bright, bubblegum-y hues of the recent past and become more sophisticated. Oranges are going to be toned down from the crayon bright hues they've been for the last couple of years and will more accurately reflect the colors of spices and minerals.

SW 6572 Ruby Shade

SW 6600 Enticing Red

SW 6858 Zany Pink

SW 6023 Insightful Rose

SW 6325 Constant Coral

SW 6362 Tigereye

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