05 September 2008

Calculate your roof's solar potential

This is the satellite view of my block, thank you Google Maps.

With the help of a really cool website called Roof Ray, I was able to trace the shape of my roof from this image and then calculate its potential as a site for photovoltaic solar panels.
Once Roof Ray's web app figured out my roof's square feet, the degree of slope and the direction the different planes on my roof follow; it figured out how much it would cost to install photovoltaic solar panels on my roof.
It then figured out how much electricity I could expect to generate based on my location. It then figured out my current per kWh charge from the thieves at Progress Energy and how much money I'd save on electric bills on a month-by-month basis for the rest of my life. Finally, it figured out how many years it would take for my investment in solar to break even. A-Ma-Zing.
Check it out!

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