16 September 2008

Sherwin-Williams' color picks for '09: violet and blue

In keeping with my earlier post about Sherwin-Williams' take on colors for next year, and because I can't think of enough good things to say about their company or their products, here's what they're predicting in the world of violets and blues.

SW expects violets and plums to become more red-based than they are now, they are predicting that they will also appear in more smoky shades. Whether red-based or smoky, look for violets to be paired with neon greens, pinks, greys and blacks.

Blue will remain pretty important and its tones and hues will start to be more influenced by the colors of water than they are today. Goodbye Tiffany gift box and hello Mediterranean Sea.

SW 6804 Dignity Blue

SW 6808 Celestial

SW 7613 Aqua-Sphere

SW 6284 Plum Dandy

SW 6558 Plummy

SW 6785 Quench Blue

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