03 September 2008

More Bahamamania

On 21 August, I wrote a post called Bahamamania and in it I talked about a gorgeous rental house I'd been alerted to recently, The Cat Island Boathouse. Well, I was there last Saturday and I was impressed mightily. Utterly missing from what I knew about the place beforehand was an awareness of just how isolated it is. There is a group of other beach houses to the north and south, but their presence was completely unfelt as I stood in front of The Boathouse. The house sits by itself at the end of a dirt road that winds through a marsh.

To stand on the wraparound porch and look to the north, to the east and to the south is to feel what it is to be alone in the wilds. Amazing, really.

The Cat Island Boathouse is beautifully appointed and at $1350 a week is a real bargain. If you're up for some serious R&R in the blissful quiet of the Bahamian Out Islands, do yourself a favor and contact The Cat Island Boathouse.

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