23 April 2010

Sherwin-Williams knocks one out of the park

The always brilliant and occasional contributor David Nolan sent this video to me this week. Bravo Sherwin-Williams!

How can you go wrong with a cardinal?


  1. It's funny how weird that bird looks to me, we don't have cardinals here, we have Steller's Jays.

  2. Nim: I had no idea that cardinals weren't all over North America. Thanks for that. I learn so much from you.

    Marilyn: I haven't seen that ad yet. I don't watch enough TV I guess. What network was it running on when you saw it?

    Becky: It's my new favorite spot. I'll never look at my fan decks the same way again.

  3. Hi Paul: Honestly I can't remember which network it was. But I remember all the colors and was totally in aww.


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