29 April 2010

Highlights form Coverings yesterday

So I did manage to get internet access this morning after all. Here are some of the images I popped up onto Twitter yesterday from the floor at Coverings. If you are a Twitterer, please follow me at @Paul_Anater and if you aren't a Twitterer you'd better start. Here are those highlights. These are iPhone shots, so excuse their lack of sharpness. I'll 'splain everything later.

This is a row of quartzite closet doors.

Thankfully, the convention center has lots of these.


  1. The quartzite doors are great - probably more impressive in person! Thanks for the pics - the next best thing to being there ;-)

  2. That basketweave is crazy hot!

  3. No fair, first KBIS then Coverings show. Your head must be brimming with inspiration..... Or just plain exhaustion. Please MORE PICTURES

  4. Tired doesn't begin to do justice to the ache in my bones today. I will go over my Coverings highlights in more details as I get everything written.


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