18 April 2010

Cement Tiles Provide Form & Function

I'm Bill Buyok, owner of Avente Tile, and primary contributor for our blog, Tile Talk. This is my first post on Kitchen and Residential Design. I want to thank Paul for letting me share my zeal for tile with his readers! My passion is hand-painted and handcrafted tiles from around the globe, and that's all you'll find at Avente Tile. I am also a devotee of handmade cement tiles, also called Cuban Tiles, or mistakenly called encaustic tiles among numerous other names.

Cement tile is design at its best in both form and function. Made of cement, these tiles are a green product and both durable and strong with great insulating properties. In form, the tiles become works of art with infinite possibilities using almost any pattern, a large existing color pallette, and the option for custom colors as well.

Here's a home tour that showcases the versatility, beauty, and function of cement tile.

The entryway greets you with an intricate and bold pattern surrounded by a single row of solid color cement tile and stone. The colors in the floor work well with this antique door.

Santiago Entry Way

The formal dining room uses cement tile in the traditional rug pattern.

Formal Dining Area with Sosua Carpet

Leading out to the large patio, a less common design places four tiles together within a grid of solid color cement tile. This creates an exquisite open-air patio that runs the length of the home.

San Juan Patio

And, to emphasize the idea that cement tiles are indeed an artistic expression, I found this object d'art - framed and hanging at the end of the patio.

Perfect Patio Art - Fish Cement Tile

Could there be anything more perfect than this to symbolize how well cement tiles work in both form and function? I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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Avente Tile offers a complete line of solid color and patterned cement tiles. Choose from geometric designs and stylistic floral patterns in traditional and contemporary colors. Solid color tiles are available in approximately 80 colors. Some patterns are stocked for quick delivery.

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  1. These tiled floors have the feeling of old world charm.

    I really like the floor in the open-air patio. The patterned tiles are beautiful, and the layout of the tiles is great.


  2. Kelly, I love this patio, too! The layout of the patterned tiles on a grid creates an illusion that makes them seem larger than than they are. This creates a patio that is grand and airy!

  3. Those beautiful encaustic tiles are a feature of early 20th century domestic architecture in Australia. I love them!


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