12 April 2010

An Adirondack chair for the 21st century

This is the Emmet Collection by Loll Designs for Room and Board.

Loll Designs is the brainchild of brothers Dave and Greg Benson and they refer to their offerings as outdoor furniture for the modern lollygagger. They get points for using that word and they get even more points for making all of their outdoor furniture from 100% recycled high density polyethylene. In addition to using recycled consumer and industrial plastics, the products they produce are also 100% recyclable.

The Duluth, MN-based Loll Designs is committed to obtaining its raw materials in the US and Canada and manufacturing everything domestically. From their website:

By purchasing raw materials from the USA and Canada for manufacturing our products in the USA we reduce shipping distances both to our facility and out to our customers. Many products made in China actually start their life in the USA as raw material shipped to China to be manufactured, and then shipped back to the USA as finished goods for distribution. Being made in the USA means a lot to us since we live and work here and so do our employees. You can be sure that our employees earn a better than living wage, receive health care benefits, Holiday and Vacation pay, are eligible for retirement plans, and actually like their job. By purchasing products from Loll and other companies who also manufacture in the USA you help to perpetuate the local economies of the USA and North America directly. Thank you!

These are definitely my kind of people. It doesn't hurt that their Adirondack chairs look fantastic.

The Emmett Collection by Loll Designs is available from Room and Board and the prices range from $179 to $649.


  1. Nice chairs combining style and comfort both together for a special look and feel,the colors added also add flavor to the environment.

  2. It is great stuff and I admire the business plan of the company behind them even more.

  3. Cheers for the hometown team! These chairs are gorgeous.

  4. Do yourself a favor and root around on Loll Design's website --great stuff!

  5. The green one would be perfect on our back deck. Actually, four of them would be most ideal :-)


  6. I was shocked at how reasonably priced they are. Get all four!

  7. Another example of good design priced only for the rich?!! Not many people could afford to pay $650 for a outdoor chair.

  8. Give me a break. I see $399 for one of these chairs. Believe it or not, $399 is not expensive for designed, unique furniture. Maybe they'll be cheaper after the revolution.


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