05 April 2010

Brizo has a new ad campaign

Our friends at Brizo have a new ad campaign and I'm smitten. Tell me, who sells faucets this way? It's a brilliant campaign. It's beautiful, it invokes the feel of the brand and it makes me want to run out and buy a Brizo faucet. Kudos to the Young and Laramore Agency for another great campaign and kudos to Brizo for letting Young and Laramore do what they do best.


  1. Fabulous ad campaign. I am sure they will be at the K&B show in Chicago. I'm going to spend more time at their both.

  2. I love my Brizo faucet!! It doesn't have SmartTouch, but that's OK, it's still a fantastic faucet :-)

    The colours and animation in the ad are fun to watch :-)


  3. Oh well, this happens to me every single time I use my Delta Touch 20 Pilar faucet, the sister company to Brizo. It's a party in my kitchen with people coming over just to play with my faucet.

  4. I have Ingo Maurer bedside lights (they look like light bulbs that have wings) that go off and on when you touch them...but a faucet? pretty cool.

  5. Debbie: I'd be glad to introduce you to that whole crew. They are some of my favorite industry people around.

    Kelly: You hooked it up? Great! How's it look in your new kitchen?

    Laurie: I have a Venuto and I love it so much it hurts sometimes. Touch control is a real crowd pleaser.

    Sara: You have Ingo Maurers? Oh man! I know the exact lights your describing. Ingo Maurer hung the moon so far as I'm concerned.


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