30 April 2010

Coverings highlights day two

I got home late and I have a photo shoot in an hour. Here are some more photos I tweeted during the day yesterday. I'll explain plenty about all of this in the coming days. Coverings had some real gems, I'll say that.

Drop dead gorgeous new stuff from New Ravenna.

Grafitti tile. It was neat and it sure beats grafitti china.

A smooth Italian crosses the street at the end of Coverings.


  1. Beautiful things, I want better photos of that flat ? chandelier.

    Hate the graphitti tile. Graphitti china you can break. Perhaps that tile should be used to cover the graphitti on trains and buildings????.

  2. I agree with Patrick, thumbs done to the Graphitti tile. But can't wait to see more of coverings and Kbiss. After you have a good long rest. You must be exhausted.

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