12 April 2010

Great gobs of glass

The national tartan of Cornwall

Glass cabinet and door knobs are some of my perennial favorites. There's an art to them of course and a well made glass knob is a piece of art so far as I'm concerned.

It's no big secret that I love Twitter and one of last weekends great finds was Merlin Glass. Merlin Glass is the project of Liam Carey. Liam's been working with glass in Cornwall, UK for the last 30 years and he's specialized in knobs and handles for the last 15.

Liam's work is done by hand entirely and everything is made to order. This is a Cornish craftsman who brings art to every day and for that he deserves a round of applause.

Here are some of his cabinet knobs.

And here are some of his door knobs.

Liam calls these his Love Handles.

Amazing stuff and he works with people all over the world. You can see the rest of his wares and contact him via his website.


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