15 April 2010

The future is here

Hello gorgeous KaRD readers! I'm Raina from If the Lamp Shade Fits, an interior design blog devoted to musings and rants on all things bohemian contemporary. Paul recently put out a call for guest posts while he's living it up in Chi-Town at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. I was only too happy lend a hand with an incredible kitchen I've had tucked away in my files...

What do you get when a mid-century modern sensibility meets 2001: A Space Odyssey? A singular kitchen designed by GRAFT for a loft in Hamburg, Germany.

Situated in the middle of the space, this compact kitchen is literally the heart of the home. The kitchen and the bath, the "wet" areas of the loft, were cleverly conceived as a pod.

This cantilevered shelf can serve as a mini-prep station or a bar area during parties.

The counter of the dressing area can double as serving space for entertaining.

Angling the upper half of the kitchen side towards the ceiling reduces the apparent bulk of the structure and adds visual appeal.

Lining up the three counters of the kitchen/bath pod allows for an unobstructed view through the loft.

A half-bath and wee library are tucked into the backside of the kitchen.

All that is missing is sentient computer system named "HAL."


  1. I never would have thought concentrating all the functional areas there together would work, but it's really beautiful, both on it's own and contrasted against the paler, open rest of the loft. Also loving the added counter and shelf space.

  2. WOW! shades of Woody Allen's sleeper...but in a good way! Want to attend a futuristic dinner party there, wearing an all white outfit and giant clear lucite jewelry!

  3. David - This form so creatively followed its function.

    The Zhush - I know what you mean. I feel like I would have to buy a new outfit just to visit this loft.

  4. Girl, you know I am all about living in a pod.

    I hope it comes with a robot who can cook.

  5. Really interesting. Can I just be honest and say I'm slightly grossed out by the idea of the bathroom sharing immediate space with the kitchen. Ok, now I can move on. But it is a fascinating, streamlined and quite beautiful design. And I seriously love the wee bookcase!

  6. Sorry. Not lovin' it. Not even likin' it. For me, it sits like a giant "THUD" in the middle of a carefully constructed open space. Imaginative? Yes! Clever? Yes! Work as piece of art? Yes! Heart of the home? Nope. Obstruction is the word that comes to mind. Can't see in, can't see out. Have to walk around. I applaud the form. The function -- not so much.

  7. Erin - When you find that robot, send one my way.

    NKP - Given the forward thinking of the designers, I'm sure there is an automatic antiseptic mist that envelops your body as you exit the bath.

    Nancie Mills Pipgras - Thanks so much for weighing in!

  8. WOW! Where does a kitchen designer even come up with that design?!

  9. From the moment I saw the first pic, what came into my befuddled mind was "giant wooden sewing machine."

  10. MFAMB - Agreed X infinity.

    Keith - You should check out other projects on GRAFT's website. They're quite extraordinary.

    Pam - I can see that.

  11. I read this post yesterday and liked it very much and I agree with nkp about the bath/kitchen adjacency.

    Other dumb thoughts:
    First, if you squint and look at the first photo, it kinda looks like a side view of a stapler. And that is very cool.

    Second, thanks to you, Raina, I spent the whole day thinking of HAL. I left you a voicemail in his voice. Did you get it?

  12. nice work raina!

    david john

  13. Form and function at its best. Stunning Beaut!

  14. Very cool design -- love the graphic shape, and the wood is beautiful. I think I'd feel a bit claustrophobic working in that kitchen, though!!

    Thanks for sharing -- I love learning about new things in the world of home decor & design :-)



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