28 April 2010

Elmira's Northstar series is now available in 10 colors

I've long been an admirer of Elmira Stoveworks' Northstar series of retro appliances. I've always thought they had a cool factor to them, but it's recently come to my attention that they are no mere novelty item.

Elmira's been at it since the early '70s in Elmira, Ontario. They know what they're doing and any company that can build a fully-functional, wood-burning cookstove in 2010 is OK in my book. I'll get into to their 1800s reproduction stoves in a later post. For now, I want to let you know that the Northstar series of mid-century-inspired appliances are now available in ten colors. Imagine, you can have a Candy Red, Buttercup Yellow, Robin’s Egg Blue, Flamingo Pink, Quicksilver, Mint Green, Bisque, Black or White suite. Sweet!

They're Energy Star-rated and they even have a custom color program.

So even though there's no such thing as timeless kitchen design, classics like these are always welcome. Check out Elmira Stoveworks' website for more info.


  1. Oh Paul! Me! Me! Me! I love them.

  2. Cool!! The red appliances are super-sexy!! And love the look of that retro fridge :-)

    We have good stuff here in Canada :-)


  3. Client of mine had a refrig and mike by them n their kitchen in Woodstock, Vt. They were just perfect! Design by Diane Morris of Woodstock and D.C.

  4. omg. I am absolutely in love with that pink stove!! Must have!!

  5. I hate them all!! I think they are difficult to incorporate into a kitchen. We have these in Ireland - Smeg are the suppliers and I think Gorenje also manufacture them. I agree that they are nice to look at but to have them in your home? I'd put money on it that one would regret it after six months:) Maybe I have no taste.

  6. Ah, Mom home in the kitchen making apple pie in the 1950 while Dad is out slaving for the military industrial complex... or something. Neither timeless nor placeless, but it clearly speaks to something in the North American collective psyche. Not my thing, for sure.

  7. Great product. Works well with a remodel for folks that want to keep the flavor of their 1920 - 1930's abode.

    Tile tip: use black and white 1" hex tiles for a cooler flooring solution.

  8. There is a time and place for them and in my part of the country, most of our housing stock dates from this era. There are people who do period renovations of these once thought of as characterless mid century masterpieces and for a home like that these appliances are perfect.

    While they're not something I lust after particularly, I'm glad they're out there. That they are exceptionally well made and energy efficient wins them a gold star from me.

    Oh and Sarah, wait 'til the follow up with their reproduction wood-burning cook stoves. Imagine cooking with wood... Again, not for me but boy am I glad that someone still knows how to work iron like that.


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