14 April 2010

Guest posts for the next couple of days

OK kids, I'm off to the bright lights of Chicago and I'll be back next week. I will be brimming with all of the wonders of not only Chicago but of all the cool stuff I'll see at KBIS. While I'm gone the following brave souls will be minding the store. Be nice, laugh at their jokes and leave them lots of comments please.

Raina Cox, Thursday 4/15: Raina writes the must-read blog If The Lampshade Fits. The divine Ms. R. is a blogospheric superstar and it is an honor indeed to have someone her stature fill in around here.

Bob Borson, Friday 4/16: Bob writes Life of an Architect. He's the now-infamous architect with a blog from Dallas and has become the voice of his profession in a few months. He is definitely someone to watch. And read. Friday's also his birthday.

Julie Warner, Saturday 4/17: Julie writes Warners' Stellian Kitchen and Home Appliance Blog. She's the world-travelling, marathon-running, reigning queen of Minnesota appliances.

Bill Buyok, Sunday 4/18: Bill writes Tile Talk and lives in Beverly Hills. As if that weren't enough, he sells some of the most beautiful tile I've ever seen.

Sarah Lloyd, Monday 4/19: Sarah writes Kitchen Clarity. She is England's loss and the US's gain. Sarah's rapier wit and laser focus originates from Los Altos, CA these days but her heart's still in England.

Kelly James, Tuesday 4/20: Kelly is the Ottawa half of Design Ties, one of the most popular design blogs on both sides of the 49th parallel. Kelly has a keen eye and more energy than should be allowed by law.


  1. If you're going to be downtown, would you have time to see David Csiscko's studio? He's the guy who did the Belmont Station with Erin Adams. He's a couple of blocks from Millenium Park. Let me know if you want to be hooked up. You will love what he does.

  2. yay! I love guest posts! They give me a chance to look at even more blogs!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  3. You're way too kind to me with that description! But I agree; I love guest posts -- and now I get to be involved. Thanks again and good luck at KBIS.

  4. you know else is listed as infamous? David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy, Benito Mussolini, Mark Chapman...

    Thanks for the consideration, have fun in Chicago and take more pictures like my favorite one so far for 2010

  5. How could I have missed this.....If I wasn't so busy with finals, I would have loved to guest post. Enjoy Chicago and bring back some good info!


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