13 April 2010

Melody's new venture

A great friend and occasional contributor to this blog, Melody McFarland, has launched a new venture and I want the world to know about it. In addition to being one of the coolest people I know, Mel's also a very gifted photographer. And her new venture is her unique spin on pet photography.

She calls her take on pet photography documentary style. No props, no poses, just a beloved animal being itself. She works in a 30 mile radius of our hometown, Lancaster Pennsylvania and will extend her reach as needed.

This is Melody's dog Sinbad and he is the most eerily photogenic dog on the planet.

If you're in her part of the world, give her a call. If you're not in her part of the world, join me in wishing her tremendous success in her new venture. Go get 'em Melody!

Check out the rest of her portfolio on her brand spanking new website.


  1. Oh, these are FANTASTIC!

    Best of luck in your new venture, Melody.

  2. Wish Melody lived in Northern California!

  3. I threw in the poodle shot for you Nancie. Not quite a standard but still an amazing photograph.

    Raina: Her photos of her dog Sinbad (he's the black schipperke on her website) are haunting. I swear that dog has a human soul.

  4. Thanks everyone! Nancy, it would certainly not kill me to travel to NoCal! I love it there. Will let you know next time I'm in the area. Paul, you need to meet the little psycho one of these days. I think you'd like him.

  5. The next time I'm in your part of the world for sure. In the meantime, Kathy Howard-Shaffer has a beagle named Eddie and their neighbors have a beagle named Walter. Eddie and Walter hang out together. Those two dogs need to be photographed for their names alone.

  6. These photos are amazing! Melody does amazing work - wish she was in Canada! Good luck Melody - although with that talent you won't need luck!


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