11 December 2009

Not just for June Cleaver!

I vividly remember my mother dreading the return of certain things worn during the time she was growing up in the 1970's. Of course, she explained that everything that was old will be new again. For a couple of years there, if you picked up an Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters catalog and showed it to Mom, she would recall the days of yore and call the poor girls on those pages "homely".

Kitchen design is the exact same way. Granted, those of us in the industry try to suppress some of the less than perfect times of the past. The good however, is coming back with a vengeance. I am so proud of Gen X'ers and Y'ers that are remodeling older homes in suburbs and small towns around the South. Smart homeowners are updating these gems and adding their own spin, as they should.

A few appliance companies have towed a great line and are producing awesome design results that are fitting in to this 'retro' market.
One of my favorites is Big Chill. They have a great back story and it's worth you checking it out sometime. They make extremely cool refrigerators, dishwashers and now stoves that look half a decade ago with modern capabilities. Of all the retro choices out there, I've found that Big Chill is the most cost conscience.
Of course there are other colors besides orange, but who needs those. Being a rabid Tennessee Volunteers fan, these would go perfect at my place.

Northstar has a retro line that rivals Big Chill quite nicely. Very similar styling and usage of modern capabilities.

The third and final contestant in today's show is Heartland Classic. This 3015 model Refrigerator might be my favorite design. The level of craftsmanship is second-to-none.
These next two stoves don't totally fit the 1950's and 60's era appliances that I have mainly shown, but they couldn't be ignored. If you are looking to finish a period decor in a earlier 1900's home, this is how you should be cooking.

Everything has it's place in our industry. These appliances don't fit in every one's dream kitchen but they do have make it in to many period homes. If you're looking for something outside the norm, outside the side-by-side stainless steel, this is a great alternative.

And whether you'll want it to be or not, you're new appliances just became a permanent conversation piece in your home.

Where to find these appliances:

I didn't really introduce myself yesterday when I had my glorious urinal episode. Usually I have no issues with talking about myself but today I'm feeling shy. HA!

Here is my bio from our blog/website http://www.cupboardsonline.com/:

Hi I'm Nick. Welcome to Cupboards small corner of the web! I spent most of my childhood constructing monster forts from the best materials in the world! Who knew the cardboard semi-custom cabinetry boxes that Dad brought home would be the beginnings of a long commitment to the kitchen and bath industry? Being a second generation cabinet guy has allowed me to develop my personal style at a young age and now I get the best job of all. Our customers realize the kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams, and we get to be there!

So there you have it... a small-town Alabama boy with kitchens on the brain. Neat, huh?

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