03 December 2009

What's for dinner? Why, a rapier wit of course.

My beloved friend and former next door neighbor Brandon is not only the best home cook I've ever met, but also his generation's greatest story teller. His blog, Where the Sweet Olive Grows, reads like a love letter to New Orleans and I savor his meanderings as I do a good meal. His post yesterday detailed his culinary adventures on Thanksgiving and he includes a recipe for a turkey that makes me long for the days when I could walk next door for a cup of sugar (I'm not kidding) and come away hours later with a full stomach and a head full of stories I'd enjoy telling my grandchildren. If indeed I had grandchildren.

Here's an excerpt:
Even though Martha Stewart is another of my illuminated inspirations, I went with a method that not only makes that bird incredibly moist, but provides the most velvety gravy you've tasted. Here I present my Maple-Roasted Turkey. This also works with a Sunday Night chicken and would be delicious with a pork-loin roast as well. Although with the latter, I would roast some charming lady apples alongside, to be presented as a buttery, spreadable condiment along with the pork. May legions of home cooks take note and grow rich:
Read this man.


  1. Paul, you friend may consider using a cooler to brine those big birds. We freeze a couple gallon water jugs and put those in the cooler as well; they keep the brine cold without diluting the brine and raise the liquid level so you don’t need a ton of brine.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Paul. :-)


  3. D&R: Suggesting any cooking method to him invites a visitation by the wrath of Khan. It's better to drop an idea in the middle of the floor and them let him find it later. Thanks for the suggestion though. I brined a bird ages ago, but have been having real success for the last couple of years with olive oil and salt applied liberally while the bird roasts. Maybe it's time to revisit brining though.

    Shannon: My pleasure and welcome to my blog. I just gave yours a peruse and it looks like I just added something to my reading list. Bravo!

  4. Gyps,
    Thanks for the shout out! Wow! You really are my most ardent supporter. Last night in my dreams I was sitting on the balcony of the old home-place on 7th Avenue and felt like I couldn't have been farther away from home. I really have found my place in the world and am anxious for you to visit New Orleans and see what I think is so wonderful. Thanks for shilling my blog. I really miss being your neighbor and hold those beautiful memories of 7th Ave close to my heart like a family photograph.
    Love and Admiration,

  5. Now it's my turn to blush. Truly Brandon, you were instrumental in some of the most joyful memories of my life. I cannot look at the dining table and not be struck with a vision of your giant Yorkshire Pudding from a couple of Christmases ago. As I'm fond of saying, they were some kind of times. We're fortunate you know. Most people go through life and never know what it's like to share so tight a bond with a group of friends. Times change and people move on and that's OK and expected. What never changes are the memories made along the way and thank you for mine.


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