29 December 2009

Believe it or not, not all gorgeous European tile comes from Italy

I wrote yesterday about Petracer's from Modena in Italy. Well if you head south west and across the Mediterranean for about 1200 kilometers you'll come to Castellón de la Plana in the Castellón province of the València community in Spain. Here's a map for those of you who are geographically impaired.

Castellón de la Plana is the home of Dune ceramics.

Dune ceramics was a real stand out at the last Coverings show and what these people are doing with tile and metallics is setting a new standard. Just look at all this beauty.

Dune's motto is Pasión por Decorar and that translates into English as something like Going Further in Decoration. I'd say they're living up to their motto. What say ye? Is it beautiful or is it too much?


  1. Somebody in Dubai is very, very happy.

  2. It is somewhat Dubai-ish. I don't know why, but Dune's gold series, like the stuff from Petracer's appeals to me on a really basic level. And this is coming from somebody who's usually pretty bling averse.

  3. Any freebies? These are absolutely stunning!

    Changing the subject, I do not think of myself as being geographically impaired; however open for discussion could you tell me Paul; is it.....
    The rain in Spain falls mainly in the Plain.
    The rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain.
    The rain in Spain stays mainly in the Plain.....
    The rain in Spain stays mainly on the Plain?


  4. These people don't believe in freebies. I've already tried that.

    And based on nothing but my encyclopedic knowledge of American Musical Theater, the correct lyric is "The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain." I wonder if Alan Jay Lerner had Castellón de la Plana in mind when he was imagining a plain in Spain...

  5. Too bad, no freebies. It looks like you may stil have to 'paint' your Livingroom walls after all Paul. :)

    Re Alan Jay Lerner, thanks for the input but it is difficult to know exactly what was he was thinking when he wrote the phrase/lyrics.

  6. My sources tell me that the phrase "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain" comes directly from George Bernard Shaw's play "Pygmalion." "Pygmalion" was the source for what became "My Fair Lady." Interestingly enough, Shaw's play is based on the ancient Greek story of Pygmalion, a sculptor who so loved his sculpture of a woman that Venus made it come to life.

  7. It is beautiful, and it is too much.

  8. Thanks for your comment. Sometimes I get so thrilled by new stuff that I lose sight of good taste. I appreciate your weighing in.


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