01 December 2009

Feeling the urge to Merge

This is Merge by Erin Adams and Michael Corney for Ann Sacks.

Merge comes in three sizes and 16 colors, and they're made with and Arts and Crafts press mold technique. Though the colors and the technique hearken back to an earlier time, the effect of these tiles is right now.

Random field tiles in Azul, Copper Blue, Lapis, Winter Blue, Creamy White and Chalk

Random field tiles in Buckskin, Camel and Bamboo

Random field tiles in Storm, Straw and Creamy White

Random field tiles in Creamy White

Ann Sacks sets the standard in production tile and they prove it with each new offering. Merge illustrates that perfectly.


  1. Nice tiles!!! Yes i know a very short comment ;)
    Blame the mexican/swine flu it makes my brain foggy...

  2. Thanks Mel. Sorry to hear you're not feeling so well. How's everything in the Netherlands these days?

  3. Reminds a bit too much of tetris..like the monocromatic version.

  4. I think I prefer the monocromatic version..the multi colored reminds me of Tetris.

  5. The only one I'm really moved by is the fist version. I like it immensely in that color combination. I start to lose enthusiasm witht he other color examples though.

  6. Reminds me of Lego....I feel the urge to rip the tile off the wall and start to build something!

  7. Hmmm. I never thought about it that way...

  8. I'll show my brutishness. wow -- i love the *structure* (legolity --lol) of them. I am curious, Paul are these things that you just see in passing?

  9. JB: you're hardly a brute. Brutes don't write thoughtful blogs. So there. And yes, I see this stuff in passing all the time. It's a big part of my job to know what's available. I can't be aware of everything of course, but watching the leaders is a good way to spot trends. Ann Sacks is a definite leader. Merge sells for around $120 a square foot. But they are hand made, hand glazed tiles and I say they're worth it. I doubt that there will be a mass embrace of these tiles, but they do speak to a trend to bring texture to wall tiles. Mark my words, there will be a textured knock off of this tile at Home Depot within three years.

  10. These tiles are cool. I'm not sure I'd use them in my house, but I think they could be great in the right setting. I'm thinking the wall above the vanity in my friend's bathroom, but they're too funky for her taste!!

    I think I have an idea for the guest post I'm going to write for you... OMG, is it really December already?!

    I have no idea why you'd feel close to my kitchen project ;-)


  11. That funkyness is why I think they're so cool. They are a a traditional shape made with a traditional method and glazed the way tiles were glazed int he old days. The only thing modern about them is their execution and that's why I like them so much.


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