11 December 2009

It's Puppy Love

Maybe Paul will forgive me for getting WAY off topic! I'm glad I have a spot to brag and show off our pooches.

Those are our babies. They certainly don't look loved or well fed do they? Spoiled and rotten are usually the best way to describe those two. Dolly is on the right and she's 2 and a half years old. We acquired her from a breeder we stumbled upon in North Alabama when we decided it was time to have a new member in the family. We really didn't do our research with the breeder as we should have and when we met her she was the last of the litter. It really was love at first sight. She was the cutest thing you've ever seen, and personality to boot. She fit with us from the get go, and we were so happy to take her home.

A couple months ago we decided it was time to add to our brood and started the process of searching out the right place to get another Boston Terrier. They have been in our family for years back so it was hardly an issue of which breed we preferred.

The wonders of the Internet aren't easily measured. Just browsing around, I could not believe the vast amounts of purebred dogs that were being abandoned and abused. After thinking about it, I know that my naivety had gotten the best of me and not all dog owners give the care to their animals that we do. Seeing the sad little faces broke my heart. We knew upfront that a rescued Boston would be a world of different situation compared to the brand-new puppy training we had with Dolly.

We found Quincy(in the picture, on the left) through Rockin' P Rescue outside of Atlanta. They folks there were great to work with and I certainly admire people that deal with what some people consider 'unwanted' pets. After meeting a skinny but perky Quincy we decided, with Dolly's approval, that he needed to be part of our family.

I would be telling a fib if I said it has been all giggles and roses. He came home with us at 9 months old with not a stitch of training outside the training his gracious foster-parent had offered. He wasn't accustomed to being inside and had evidently been left outside most if not all the time.

This will be our first Christmas with Quincy. Dolly loves him and they play constantly, always thinking the toy the other has is the one to have. They have created all emotions imaginable, from funny to heart-warming. We really couldn't imagine life without them.

Dolly comes to work with me a lot and Quincy will too as soon as he grows up some and can sit still for a little while. You wouldn't believe the people that come by the showroom just to say hi to the dogs.

I realize that puppies aren't for everyone and they can be a handful for sure. If you're considering a pet for someone this holiday or anytime, please remember that there are so, so many out there that need a good home. There are plenty of upstanding breeders out there, but for every good one there are untold numbers of puppy mills.

There are rescues all around you, I promise.

If you need a charity for this holiday season, these guys could sure use your help. Not all charity is money! Food, beds, toys, etc. are always welcome at most any rescue or humane society.




Thanks again to Paul for letting me say my bit. Talk to you all soon, I hope!


  1. Nick-
    What a delightful post! Your Bostons are charming and your obvious love for them is infectious. I had the pleasure and delight of dog sitting a Boston Terrier by the name of Chopper several years ago-that may have been the happiest 10 days of my life. I have been literally dreaming of Boston Terriers and long for one to befriend and therefore enrich my life. I will name him Damascus.

  2. Hey Brandon- I absolutely encourage you to go ahead and take the plunge. You'll never regret it!

    Damascus is a great name, by the way.

  3. This was a perfect post Nick, thanks for showing off your beautiful dogs and thanks too for encouraging people to adopt from rescues. Breed rescuers are the unsung heroes of the dog world and they need all the help they can get.

  4. Paul- Thanks for letting me show them off! It's not always the easiest to adopt but it certainly reaps the biggest pet ownership rewards.


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