09 December 2009

Little Bert Chair Giveaway at GrassrootsModern

Hello everyone! This is David Nolan and I have a giveaway to announce that is happening Christmas Day at one of my favorite blogs - GrassrootsModern. Personally, I have no use for a Little Bertoia Chair but it would make a great gift. You can enter the contest twice, once if you comment on the post and one more time if you retweet the contest. Definitely check out the rest of GrassrootsModern while you are there, it is filled with good taste and condensed writing. They do use the dreaded "we" in this post, with good reason I believe, but the second person plural may send Paul into another Apartment Therapy-esque rant which "we" wouldn't want. Generally, it is only I's for GrassrootsModern.

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