19 December 2009

I'm back from the frozen north

I am back and I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all of my guest bloggers who have ably held down the fort in my absence. So cheers and thank you once again to Elizabeth, JB, David, Nick, Sherry, Saxon, Kit, Kelly, Kevin, Leslie, Julie and Brandon. There's one last straggler and he'll post at some point next week. So Judd gets a preemptive thank you.

Before I left, I told all of my guest bloggers to write what ever they wanted and not to let themselves be constrained by my niche or my usual way of doing things. It was a real thrill to turn on my computer every morning and to see what that day's guest post brought. They were all great, and I love the personal stories most of all.

I was in Washington DC and points east while I was gone and the primary reason for my break was this young lady:

That's my great-niece and I was in DC to meet her for the first time. I still can't get over how recently her mother was a similar babe in arms. The thrill that she gives my sister (the grandmother) or my parents (who are now great-grandparents) is something I can barely imagine. My break was a time for fond remembering and it was great to see so many of my guest posters engage in some fond rememberings of their own.

While I'm showing off baby pictures, this is me with my favorite year-and-a-half-old, red-headed nephew.

I have multitudes of nieces and nephews and I have to be very specific when I play favorites. Kinship question: If the young man above (who's my brother's son) and the mother of the baby above (who's my sister's daughter) are cousins, what does that make my nephew and my great-niece to each other?

But alas, all was not a pleasure trip. I spent some time with the amazing gang at New Ravenna Mosaics on my way back to Florida this week and I cannot wait to write about the wonders I saw in Exmore Virginia.

Anyhow, for those of you who have kept up in my absence I say thank you. I am resuming my usual posting schedule as of now and I have a back log of blog topics I am rarin' to dive into. Stay tuned.


  1. first cousins once removed, if I understood you right. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cousin

    The eerie parallels that I often find on your blog continue. Today I am attending the wedding of MY first cousin once removed. :)

  2. Yes, first cousins once removed, of course. :-)

  3. Thank you for clearing that up. So should Max someday have a kid of his own, that kid and the baby Pauline will be second cousins. I think.

    Enjoy your family affair Rachele and thank you Carla.


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