22 December 2009

This tree stand is modern and traditional at the same time. Excellent!

How cool is that? I have pretty modern sensibilities. I love a clean line and a minimum of fuss. At the same time, I am an absolute sap when it comes to Christmas. I love it that there's a day built right into the calendar that's an excuse to show the people around you that you love them. Because Christmas has so many emotions attached to it, it seems to give nostalgia buffs a free pass to crowd up their homes and neighborhoods with as much offensively tasteless crap as China can crank out. Ewww. No thanks. So what's a sensible minimalist to do with his tree?

Well thanks to the clever gals at Design Boner, I found a solution.

This is the simply named Pine Tree Stand by Maria Håård for Design House Stockholm. The Pine Tree stand is made from lacquered steel and it's available for online purchase through Design House Stockholm. Never fear, they ship world wide and they conduct business across all currencies. The Pine Tree Stand comes in three colors and retails for the very reasonable $75 US.

Although it may be too late for this year, it's never too early to plan for next year. And as they say in Stockholm, god jul!


  1. That's so freaky -- I just saw this tree stand in a picture of a Christmas tree on a Swedish blog 2 minutes ago. I thought it was totally cool!!



  2. Isn't it funny how small the internet is sometimes.


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