10 December 2009

Standing Room Only - Running back to the Urinal

So many times when we take on a new client it's a woman that sets the tone and style for a new or new-to-an-existing-home kitchen or bathroom.

Unfortunately ladies, today is not one of those days.

I have always considered myself a man's man; I like football, beer and motorcycles. The average guy will usually hire away someone that will fit their home with great kitchens and bathrooms. Problem is, most guys don't like/need the final product. Sadly, the driving force behind many designs done for guys is resale value.

With the large amounts of men building and buying homes that will be just for them, it's about time that one particular bathroom fixture makes a welcome resurgence, the urinal.

Before you hit the x up there in the corner hold on... this isn't the urinal at the frat house, nor is it the "trough" at your old college football stadium. Elite and luxury plumbing designers have provided kitchen and bath industry pros with cutting edge design and state-of-the-art function. In all reality, urinals are definitely not new in home design. The reason urinals are so less prevalent in everyday life is merely because most men see them everyday and yes ladies, most of them are gross. The perception, from most women, is that men are nasty and so are their bathrooms. Ladies who catch a glimpse of the urinal at an airport or fast-food restaurant have every reason to be grossed out.

I promise, these are not the urinals at the local pub. Here are three that I would use today!

One of my favorite places to buy kitchen sinks is Whitehaus. I have always been enamored by their copper farm and Farmhaus Fireclay sinks. From faucets to decorative hardware, I have always been impressed. As I was browsing the other day, I stumbled on this round stainless steel urinal. Perfect for an application with subway tile(as shown in the picture). It's only a matter of time before I spec this in a customer's home.

If sleek and modern is your thing, this SiChuan Metals urinal will do the trick. The high gloss finish and bold lines make a strong, yet subtle statement in a bathroom.

For years I have struggled with expensive taste. It's a personal curse, but my clients have always reaped the benefits! If a urinal were going in to my bathroom at home, it would be one of these two. While both are on the pricier end of the spectrum, each offers a striking design and would cause said homeowner to become the envy of 'all the guys'.

Neo-Metro is a commercial line for the most part... We put commercial appliances in our kitchens, why not in the bathroom? (I know, that image of a urinal cake in a cold, used-to-be-white urinal with a broken handle makes me do that blech noise too.)

So there you have it, a urinal for the men's room at home.

Ladies, the holidays are upon us. What better gift could you get yourself than never having to yell at your man for leaving the toilet seat up?

It's the perfect potty-present.

Thanks again to Paul for having me as a guest on this great blog!

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  1. Who knew urinals could be so sleek and sexy?!

    Don't know if we'll ever have a urinal in our bathroom, but if we do, I'd go with urinal #2. {I just realized the irony of referring to a urinal as #2 ;-) }

    Fun post, thanks for the laughs :-D


  2. Super fun post -- kept me from hitting the X!

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback guys... Urinals sure have come a long way, eh?

  4. My wife hated the idea of a urinal, but I finally got permission to install one in the powder room. She LOVED it! It got all us men in the house off her equipment, and she is now a Queen with her own shiny, clean throne. It was easy to find (local plumbing supplier), and easy to install. It requires cleaning like any toilet, but does not smell. When it came time to sell the house, I will swear to you that the urinal was the HIT of every single potential buyer who walked through. I'm installing one (a floor model) in my new home this month.


  5. Outstanding Jim, I've been an active proponent of them for years. One problem though, your posted photo is password-protected. Help us out here!


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