07 December 2009

A wintertide break and an honor bestowed

I will be pretty scarce around these parts for the next ten days or so. I need a break for starters and I wanted to use that need for a break as a way to get some different voices to appear on this blog. Well, it started this morning with Elizabeth's walking tour of her neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It picks up again tomorrow with JB who's going to check in from Baltimore and these guest posts will continue for the next ten days. There are some really great people lined up so be sure to keep checking back.

As if to kick me out the door, Carmen from Decorating Diva ran a profile of and interview with me today and I am beyond flattered. Decorating Diva is a bit of a big deal and I am indeed honored. Thank you Carmen.   Spend some time looking around that expansive website. If you have a design dilemma or question, Decorating Diva's your answer.

I'll be spending some time with Sara Baldwin at New Ravenna Mosaics while I'm out of town and I'll be brimming with new and exciting developments from her world when I get back. Ciao!


  1. Paul, while spending most of my time today checking for comments here, I did want to stop and say congrats on the feature above. Again -- enjoy your down time. jb


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