28 February 2009

In the bleak midwinter

The great and powerful Fifi from Fifi Flowers Design Decor takes her readers on a virtual vacation every Saturday. She asks that people send her photos and a description of a location and she takes that supplied material and spins a tale of a weekend getaway. She paints a few of the images and adds what she needs to complete her journey of the mind. Great stuff. Well, this weekend, she took a bunch of my photos from my various trips to the Out Islands of the Bahamas and uses them to tell a story of quiet seclusion and beauty. Beautiful work Fifi, thank you.

So if you're looking for a break from February, take a stroll over to Fifi Flowers Design Decor and let her fly you away in a pink airplane for an adventurous weekend jaunt.

I've been aching to go away lately and Fifi's post today cements it. I need a break!


  1. This is a great photo.. you didn't send this one. Thank yo again for helping me put together a FUN trip for everyone. Need address to send notecards to you!

  2. I think it's in my Facebook photo gallery... I'll send you my mailing address post haste! Thanks again Fifi, you rock.


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