12 February 2009

IceStone recycled glass counters... cool!

IceStone is a Brooklyn-based manufacturer of recycled glass and concrete durable surfaces. For most people, a durable surface is another name for a counter. It needn't stop with counters though, IceStone can be used as flooring, shower enclosures, back splash or for any other purpose where there's a need for a durable, water- and stain-resistant surface.

IceStone earned the Cradle to Cradle Gold certification from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, the organization that grants this certification. To quote from their press release:
New York – IceStone, the NY-based maker of green, durable surfaces used for countertops, bar-tops, bathrooms, flooring and other applications, announced today its achievement as the first and only surface manufacturer to receive the prestigious Gold level, Cradle to Cradle certification. Given by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC), this certification shows that IceStone’s company and products have passed stringent manufacturing standards that measure toxic ingredients, emissions levels, water and energy usage, renewable investments, on-going data collection systems and recyclability, as well as a code of corporate ethics and labor standards.
IceStone looks like quartz composite. Actually, quartz composite looks like terrazzo, and terrazzo is exactly what IceStone is. IceStone's use of cement rather than the polymers used in quartz composite is the key to its status as a sustainable product, though their use of 100% recycled glass doesn't hurt either.

IceStone looks pretty cool, I like how it shows and I like the fact that it's a sustainable product. In the market for a durable surface? Take a look at IceStone.


  1. LOVE IT!!! I first saw glass & concrete counter tops on "Living With Ed". And you know if Ed Begley uses it, it has to be good for the environment -- the man pedals a bike to make toast!!

    I'd love to have glass & concrete counter tops in our kitchen. If I can juts convince my hubby!!

    Kelly (one half of DesignTies)

  2. It's definitely a great idea whose time has come. I haven't seen it installed anywhere yet though. Have you?

  3. I haven't seen it in person, just in pictures and on TV. I know there's a place in Canada that sells the same product. Can't remember the name of the company that was on "Living With Ed" :-(

    I wonder if any of these companies allow you to order samples of their products.... I'm going to look into that.

    And yes, for sure this material is a great idea that will be good for the environment :-)

    BTW, thanks for the comment on my smart car post on our blog :-)


  4. Hey it was my pleasure Kelly, thanks for being such an involved reader here. Ice Stone's website has a page on it where anybody can order small samples of their product and all of their colors are available. I hate to sound like the insufferable designer guy here, but I'm not paying for samples. I probably ought to call them and get a sample kit. There's a fabricator in my area listed on their website. Hmmm...

  5. Oh for sure, doesn't hurt to call and ask :-)

    I found the web sites for the other two companies that make glass & concrete counter tops:



  6. Now Vetrazzo is one that I've seen before. I wrote a post about their stuff about a year ago. They make a counter out of green Coke bottle glass that I love. Concrete Ideas is a great website and resource. Thanks for that. I'm writing about Trespa TopLab tomorrow. It's another cool, sustainable counter material and it sells for $15 a square foot if you can believe that. Stay tuned!

  7. FYI, Rinato is another line of recycled Glass and cement countertops. They are out of Chicago, so a great source for the midwest. The Rinato color pallet is just as stylish as these other lines and most are 100% post-consumer.

  8. Ray,

    Rinato is indeed some interesting stuff. Can you send me some more information on the product?



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