11 February 2009

Caveat emptor: Ikea sells appliances

Ikea just released a new line of somewhat retro-looking appliances in a color they call Anthracite. The finish is a matte charcoal gray and admittedly, they look pretty good. Ikea had these appliances made for them by Whirlpool and that's all well and good. However, this is Ikea we're talking about and these things are being sold at a price point that defies belief. Well, it strains credibility at any rate.

Ikea's a perfectly fine store. In fact, they're beyond fine. They've revolutionized furniture retailing in the sense that discount no longer has to mean ugly. My beloved Target owes its success in a lot of ways to the trails blazed by Ikea. With that said, there are certain things I'd never buy at Target, despite my fondness for the place. Just as I'd never buy a pair of shoes at Target, I cannot imagine buying appliances at Ikea.

Maybe I'm wrong. Anybody out there have any of these babies yet? Talk to me about it.

Anyhow, here's a run through of some of their new stuff.

This is the Datid 30" built in oven and it retails for $749.

This is the Datid range hood and it retails for $549.

This is the Datid 36" range and it retails for $1749

This is their Datid 24" wall oven and it retails for $599.

This isn't part of their Anthracite line, but it's still new. This is their $999, 36" wide, counter-depth refrigerator with stainless steel doors. 

I'd love to know who made this for them and what corners were cut to arrive at that price. Be cautious for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that this counter-depth fridge is only 68" tall. That makes this a tiny refrigerator, even if it only costs a thousand dollars. Listen to me, only a thousand dollars... But seriously, any counter-depth refrigerator for under two grand smells fishy.

So there, I did my duty and publicized something for Ikea. Please read up on these things before you buy one. Something you have to buy twice isn't a bargain. Remember that.

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