28 February 2009

Cool pendants from J. Schatz

These pendants from J. Schatz were featured on Dwell magazine's website this week and I think they're cool as all get out. Besides, after knitting my brow for the better part of yesterday over all things Tuscan and contrived, I need to look at something clean, modern and whimsical. Thank you J. Schatz.

J. Schatz is the brainchild and life's work of an artist and designer named Jim Schatz. Jim has an admirable philosophy that guides his business and a sense of playfulness and wonder that won't quit.

These pendants are from a series he calls Cilindro. Each of them measures 11-1/2" tall and they're 5" in diameter. The pierced Cilindros retail for $275 and the solid Cilindros cost $255. These pendants are hand made and they're available through J. Schatz's website.

And here's a pink one for Fifi.


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