27 February 2009

Quick! Run outside!

Check out Venus and the Moon. I just took this shot a moment ago. If you're on the east coast you have about 15 more minutes of Venus lining up like this. Cool!


  1. Bummer -- missed it by 20 minutes :-(

    Thanks for posting the picture.


  2. Venus was even closer when I first saw it tonight, running in to get my camera was almost an afterthought. Venus is tracking to the north, but it's still not too far from the moon now at ten minutes to nine EST.

  3. Thanks! Not bad for a little point and click camera if I may say so myself.

  4. You must be a dozen clones of yourself. How can you do it all? Watching the stars, monitoring the economy, and designing the world.... what is next?

  5. You left out popping out to Google HQ to talk about the nature of the universe...


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