20 February 2009

It's a sign of the times my friends

Well you know times is hard when you get an Ann Sacks e-mail newsletter that mentions anything about prices. This month's arrived with something so far beyond the mention of price I had to make sure that it was indeed from Ann Sacks. Well it was and it's true. All is woe after all. Ann Sacks has three styles of wall tile that start at less than $10 a square foot.

Avalon II --2" x 19 1/2" field in beige and 4 1/8" x 19 1/2" field in cocoa

Avalon II --2" x 19 1/2" field in black and white

Hacienda --3" x 4- 3/4" diamond in Normandy cream

Hacienda --3" x 4" San Felipe in café olay

Savoy --3/4" penny round in brick

Savoy --stacked brick mosaic in silkscreen

Savoy --3-7/8" x 3-7/8" field, offset brick and surface bullnose in paperwhite and box liner in black gloss

Savoy --offset brick mosaic in mint

Savoy --stacked mosaic and 3 7/8" x 7 3/4" field in bronze


  1. Eee, the world is ending! *grin*

    All joking aside, good for them, although with the exception of the Avalon II and Savoy, the rest are very '70s-inspired.

    Can chocolate brown appliances and white shag be far behind? (Pleeeease don't answer that. I already know. *sobs*)

    Happy weekend!

  2. Everything works in a circle as everybody knows. What's strange is having been around long enough to remember all of that stuff from the last time is was popular. Enjoy your weekend too Kelly.


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